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The Future of Surveillance - Today!

Eagle Eye Cabinet System

Cloud Enabled AI

Unlock Smarter Security with AI and Cloud Technology
  • Intelligent analytics
  • Pattern identification
  • Anomaly detection
AI algorithms analyze video data in real-time, significantly reducing false alarms and improving threat identification.
Eagle Eye Complete

Surveillance Without Limits

Broaden Your Security Horizon with 4G/5G Connectivity
  • Quick deployment
  • Security that moves with your needs
  • Surveillance in remote and challenging locations

Solar-powered units ensure your surveillance system remains operational, even in off-grid locations.

Eagle Eye Complete - Parking Surveillance (1)

 Physical Security Solutions

Enhance Security, Control Entry and Exit in Secured Areas
  • Automated access control
  • Theft prevention
  • License Plate Recognition (LPR) to enable accurate data collection

Next-Level Protection: Unlock the power of advanced LPR improve security and access control.

Eagle Eye Network Architecture

Smart, Simple, Secure
Cloud Video Surveillance

Easy-to-use Cloud Video Surveillance Paired with Advanced AI Features

The Eagle Eye Cloud VMS is suitable for businesses with multiple locations
needing to securely access their video anytime, anywhere. Eagle Eye’s open
architecture means expansive camera compatibility, robust solutions integration
and Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence readiness.

Improve Business Operations with AI

Spend less time managing your video surveillance system and more time improving your business.

Intuitive and powerful analytics use artificial intelligence to provide you with information you can actually act on, such as security, alerting of potential risk scenarios, providing necessary alerts, and simplifying security evaluation.

Video analytics also provide insight into employee behaviors, ensuring procedures are being properly followed and training is appropriate and effective.

Wireless Video Surveillance - Real World Deployments

Multiple examples of client locations where traditional wired surveillance is not practical due to:  no sources of power nor network availability.  These examples utilize solar panels combined with a communications enclosure with 4G LTE connectivity.

Enhance Your Video Security With Ensemble Solutions Group

Ensemble Solutions Group is more than a technology supplier. We are a mission-focused partner for security solutions:

Value Added Systems Integrator: VASi

  1. Comprehensive Solutions: From innovative connectivity to advanced video systems, we cover all bases.

  2. Strong Partnerships: We work with top technology providers from cameras to antennas, to design systems that fulfill your needs.

  3. System-Wide Support: With Tier-1 technical services, we ensure the health of your entire system, not just the devices.

  4. Deployment: We work with you to build turnkey systems that are simple to setup and fast to deploy.

The VASi Model:

Encapsulates Ensemble Solutions Group's commitment to comprehensive connectivity and surveillance solutions.

It's a commitment that goes beyond just supplying technology. It's our complete system support, from design to long-term maintenance, ensuring our clients are equipped for every aspect of their business.

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Ensemble Solutions Group transforms complexity into simplicity, ensuring your IoT deployments are as straightforward as flipping a switch. Drawing from years of industry expertise, our seasoned team crafts solutions tailored to your unique challenges, making each step easy for you.