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Transform Public Safety Communications with Advanced Connectivity

Rugged Mobile Computing

In the demanding world of public safety, first responders require tools as resilient as they are. Enter the realm of rugged computing with Rugged Laptops from Getac and Zebra, where cutting-edge technology meets unparalleled durability.

Rugged:  These laptops are build to withstand the toughest conditions - from torrential downpours to the inevitable bumps and drops of active fieldwork. With their brilliant displays, information is crisp and clear whether under the harsh noon sun or during the dim hours of night operations.

Purpose: Designed for public safety, these laptops feature responsive touchscreens that cater to the urgency of the moment, functioning flawlessly even when wet or used with gloves.

Performance:  Advanced wireless capabilities keep you connected, ensuring that vital information and communication lines are always at your fingertips. Security is paramount; with enhanced features to safeguard sensitive data.


The essence of Getac's rugged computing lies not just in its physical toughness but in its operational resilience. These laptops thrive in extreme temperatures, from the scorching heat of summer streets to the icy chill of winter nights.

Your Trusted Partner in Public Safety Technology Procurement

At Ensemble Solutions Group, we leverage a broad range of procurement and contract vehicles tailored to public safety agencies' needs, ensuring easy and efficient access to the latest technologies. Our experience and capabilities are designed to simplify the acquisition process, making us a trusted partner in enhancing public safety communications.

Next-Generation Connectivity - The Heart of Modern First Responder Vehicles

Powering Rapid Response: 4G/5G High-Speed Networks

Always On Connectivity:  The backbone of any first responder vehicle in today's age is its ability to stay connected, a feat achieved through the advanced capabilities of 4G/5G Cellular Routers.

Our routers represent the pinnacle of high-speed wireless connectivity, seamlessly integrating with both current and emerging cellular networks as well as dedicated networks designed for first responders.

Stay Online -  No Matter the Coverage: Due to dual SIMs and dual radios, ensuring continuous coverage by intelligently switching between networks based on signal strength and availability.

More Than Just Routers; These devices are the central hub around which the modern emergency vehicle operates.

  • GPS technology provides real-time visibility of vehicle locations 
  • Advanced WiFi links all onboard devices—rugged laptops, dash and body-worn cameras, printers and more.
  • Connectivity everywhere - the vehicle becomes a mobile command station.
Connected Vehicle Solutions for Public Safety (1)


We recognize the importance of leveraging only the best technology for those who serve on the front lines. That's why we partner with leading technology providers to equip our first responder vehicles with leading 4G/5G Cellular Routers, rugged computing and mounting equipment.

Systems Approach

Integrated Solutions

ESG Command Rig Front Side

Demonstration Vehicle

This is our demonstration Command Rig vehicle that we've outfitted with the latest wireless communications, rugged computing and in-vehicle cameras!

Wireless Solutions Designed for First Responders 

The technology that first responders rely on every day can make the difference between life and death. That's why we approach wireless connectivity solutions holistically, designing complete, integrated systems tailored to the unique needs of public safety teams.

Our solutions ensure that all components, from rugged devices to antennas and accessories, work together seamlessly to provide the reliability, durability, and performance your team demands.

Key Benefits:

Reliability: By designing our solutions as integrated systems, we eliminate compatibility issues and ensure that all components work together reliably. 

Durability: Every component of our wireless solutions is built to withstand the rigors of emergency response. From rugged devices to antenna mounts, our systems are designed to survive the toughest conditions.

Seamless Connectivity: All devices in the vehicle, from computers to cameras and scanners, have access to high-speed data connectivity through the cellular router and optimized antennas. 

Ease of Use: By designing our solutions as cohesive systems, we streamline operation and minimize technical distractions. 

Customization: Every agency  has unique needs. That's why we work closely with you to design and implement a wireless solution tailored to your specific requirements.


Video Tours

Video Tour - Prisoner Compartment

Tour of the backseat compartment of the ESG Command Rig showing multiple camera configurations.

Video Tour - Officer Command Center

Tour of the ESG Command Rig showing onboard computing, dashcams, body cam, mounting and more!

ESG Command Rig Front

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