EV Charging Networks

The EV Charge Station of the Future

Charging stations are transitioning from isolated units to intelligent, interconnected systems leveraging Wi-Fi, GPRS, and 4G/5G technologies.

This evolution enables Charge Point Operators (CPOs) to oversee and manage stations remotely, while providing EV drivers with the convenience of finding chargers, checking real-time availability, and handling payments.

From Coverage Gaps to Full Connectivity

EV Charge Point Operators face real challenges with connectivity:

  • Consistent connectivity in busy cities,
  • Signal issues in remote areas, and
  • Blind spots in parking garages.

With each installation, the complexity increases. Ensemble Solutions Group is here to make it all simpler.

Charge Stations of the Future will transform the charging experience into entertainment and dining destinations, with high-speed connectivity serving as the backbone for this evolution..

EV Charge Station - Connectivity (1)

Connectivity: Where Innovation Meets Implementation

Technology Essentials:  The core tools and solutions that power your EV Charging Stations.

  • Connectivity: Industrial 4G/5G modems for uninterrupted service.
  • Antennas: Tuned for diverse location, from parking garages to rural areas.
  • Design & Installation: Comprehensive planning and professional setup.
  • Security: Advanced network protection and surveillance solutions.
  • Data 4G/5G/CBRS: Flexible solutions compatible across all geographies and network operators.
  • Accessories: Everything you need for a complete build-out.
EV Charge Network

Driving Change: 

One Partner, Zero Hassle: Transforming EV Charging Without the Vendor Runaround.

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