We Make IoT as Easy as Flipping a Switch.



VASi: Redefining System Integration

VASi is our Value Added Systems Integrator approach, marks a shift from typical tech resellers.

At ESG, we don't just sell; we partner and innovate. VASi means creating custom solutions as intuitive as flipping a switch. 

This is our commitment to turning complex technology into user-friendly experiences

Redefine Systems Integration - VASi

Why Work With a VASi?

why work with a VASi
Strategic Industry Partnerships:

We cultivate alliances with technology leaders in order to multiply our ability to innovate and solve customer problems.

Flexible Solution Delivery:

Providing Capex and Opex choices, enhanced by our Managed Service Delivery model.  We have options for Self-Managed or ESG Managed solutions.

Essential Component Availability:

We keep mission-critical components readily available for our core solutions.

This ensures rapid deployment for our customers, and guarantees operational reliability.

Immediate Responses

With our in-house team, we provide first-level technical assistance, acting as the primary point of contact.

This ensures clients receive immediate, expert support

VASi: How It Works

Simplifying IoT integration:  Our priority is a user-friendly experience from start to finish. We provide a complete spectrum of technology components, ensure reliable data connectivity via our network partnerships, and manage the entire installation and support process.

Our approach not only simplifies the complexities of IoT but also ensures reliability and scalability, empowering your business to thrive.

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The Power of VASi: Making IoT Integration Effortless


  • Comprehensive Source for Technology Components: Our partnership ecosystem includes a comprehensive range of software, services, and technology components from industry leading providers.
  • Data Connectivity: We partner with network providers including all Tier 1 Carriers and dedicated network service operators to ensure access to reliable data connectivity.
  • Installation and Implementation: Managing the logistics of installation, implementation, and setup for turnkey integration of IoT solutions.

  • Service and Support: We Provide extensive support for the entire system, ensuring continuous operation and acting as Tier 1 Support for the Solution.

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VASi Partners

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Industry Leading Technology Providers