Ensemble Solutions Group stocks inventory for many types of antennas. These include MIMO, Directional, and Omni Directional. Our antennas are used in Vehicles, fixed locations, or even Marine. To find out which antennas are best for your application, contact our knowledgeable Team today.


LTM300/400/500 Series: The LTM Series is available in several different configurations-

  • The LTM502 is the most comprehensive model and includes 5 separate antennas: two for LTE, two for WiFi and one for GPS. This 5-cable model can support MIMO (multipleinput-multiple-output) signals for both LTE and WiFi.
  • For wireless systems with different requirements, three other models are available:

  • The LTM402 antenna contains 4 separate antennas: two for LTE, one for WiFi and one for GPS.
  • The LTM403 also contains 4 separate antennas but with a different combination: one for LTE, two for WiFi and one for GPS.
  • The 3-cable LTM302 contains two LTE antennas and one GPS antenna.
  • CVS Series: For wireless applications where the antenna should be hidden away, Mobile Mark manufactures several covert-mount antennas. These can be mounted in the vehicle (e.g. under the dash) or on the vehicle (embedded in the license plate frame).

    SMW Series: Fleet management systems rely on multiple data streams: 3G Cellular, 4G LTE, WiFi, GPS, or even other wireless protocols. The SMW Series Antennas accommodate up to four different antenna elements in the same housing. Installation is simplified with no sacrifice in performance. Field test and bench tests confirm, these multiband antennas provide outstanding performance with strong RF connections and no interference among the bands. From an electrical design perspective, the SMW antennas can’t be beat. They stand up just as well on any mechanical measure. Built to last, these antennas can withstand the toughest environments and still get rave reviews for their sleek contemporary appearance.

    WiFi MIMO Series: These new MIMO (multiple-input-multiple-output) WiFi antennas are ready to support the latest 802.11n and 802.11ac modems, but are also backwards compatible with earlier 802.11 generations. Several mounting options make installation easy, including both omni-directional and directional site antennas for network infrastructure as well as compact mobile antennas for high speed WiFi coverage on buses or trains, or data-intensive transmissions from video cameras. All are designed with the latest antenna technology and built to exacting mechanical standards. These antennas will provide reliable connections for the most critical data links.

    Taoglas FXP830

    Taoglas GPSF

    Taoglas Pantheon MA710

    Taoglas Venti FXP543

    MobileMark LTM300/400/500 Series

    MobileMark CVS Series

    MobileMark SMW Series

    MobileMark WiFi MIMO Series